The latest edition of LiDAR News is out.  I contributed an article espousing some of the lessons learned from Eric Ries' bestseller The Lean Startup.  While the book's principles certainly lend themselves best to web-based software products, there is plenty that can be applied to those having significant hardware elements. The three best practices I highlight are: 
  1. Deliberately define 'Leap of Faith' Assumptions.
  2. Apply the Build-Measure-Learn construct with pre-planned Pivot meetings. 
  3. Shrink your batch size to improve efficiency and extend the runway. 
See the article for more details.  Also please read Eric Ries' book and great blog for a myriad of other valuable insights. 

7/14/2013 09:45:53 pm

It is a long awaited change. I was bored with the old irritating design of LiDAR News. Anyway, the new design looks really nice. I think they have enabled iPad support too in this version. Anyway, thanks for this information.


Every company want to good product developer and it is vary necessary .Good info share by this blog !

9/8/2013 01:22:37 pm

Thanks for the link to the article, I'll check it out.

10/3/2013 08:23:22 pm

Nice educational blog!!! I really like the tips provided by the blogger regarding this important subject. Thanks for sharing.


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