My latest article for LiDAR News is out and focuses on improving effectiveness for presentations to customers and stakeholders. I was inspired to write on this topic by the recent passing of Amar Bose and a couple lessons I learned during a talk he gave at MIT in the late 1980's.
  1. Before You Reach for the PowerPoint Icon, Pull Out a Pad of Paper. 
  2. Tell a Story, Don’t Just Rely On Facts and Statistics.
  3. Fewer Words Mean More Listening
  4. Fewer Charts Mean More Time for Discussion
  5. You Know Your Stuff: Have a Conversation

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Dr. Amar Bose
Dr. Amar Bose

In mid February, the LiDAR News eMag published the first issue of its third volume. An article I wrote on Boulder-based 3D at Depth appears in that issue. Take a look. To learn more about 3D at Depth, a company focused on underwater mapping with green wavelength LiDAR, visit their website

The latest edition of LiDAR News is out.  I contributed an article espousing some of the lessons learned from Eric Ries' bestseller The Lean Startup.  While the book's principles certainly lend themselves best to web-based software products, there is plenty that can be applied to those having significant hardware elements. The three best practices I highlight are: 
  1. Deliberately define 'Leap of Faith' Assumptions.
  2. Apply the Build-Measure-Learn construct with pre-planned Pivot meetings. 
  3. Shrink your batch size to improve efficiency and extend the runway. 
See the article for more details.  Also please read Eric Ries' book and great blog for a myriad of other valuable insights. 

My first article for LiDAR News came out this morning.  I am now an official contributing author.  Gene Roe (editor) noticed one of my February blog entries and thought I had a unique perspective to add to the mix.  This first article is the Spotlight article for the mid-March edition. 

The article is about LiDAR market disruption and two recent innovative product releases that have made big splashes this past year or so.  One is the Focus 3D sensor from FARO and the other is the very cool and very cheap non-traditional LiDAR that lives inside Microsoft's Kinect gaming system.

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