Today, I start a new adventure. I am joining the LENA Research Foundation in Boulder, Colorado. LRF is a 501(c)3 with roots extending back to 2004. LENA stands for Language ENvironment Analysis. It is also the name of their "verbal pedometer" device that records speech and, most importantly, tracks the conversation turns of small children. 

LENA Research Foundation
LENA Research Foundation is focused on children aged 0 to 5.
The technology is being used to conduct ground-breaking language development research all over the world. It has also been used to detect, diagnose and support early treatment of language delays and disorders like autism. The deaf and hard of hearing community has embraced the little 'iPod" device and has achieved great results. And recently, the foundation has shifted focus toward using the LENA tools to do something about language deficits for disadvantaged youth.   

The critical, watershed project to begin making a difference is Providence Talks, the winner of this year's Bloomberg Philanthropies $5M grand prize. The focus is children aged 0-2 in low SES homes. It's an audacious project. 

I'm thoroughly excited because of our mission-focused team and the opportunity to make a difference.